Corona Radar

Reduce Fear Of Covid-19

• minimize infection risk

Enjoy Your Freedom

• see the risk around you

Use This App

• and share with others

100% Anonymous and Free to Use – No Data Required – No Tracing – No Digital Footprint


Corona Radar is NOT available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Both stores block Corona warning apps not coming from government or health organizations.
The app runs over internet anywhere in the world – You CANNOT download it in any app store!

To the app

How does it work ?

  • Fully anonymous
  • FREE of charge

  • 175 countries
  • Easy to use
  • Display color warning
  • Sound warning

  • Not OS connected

  • Three risk levels: low – medium – high

  • Only voluntary payment
  • Honor Roll of supporters

  • No tracing back to any ID data

  • No connection between payment and app use
  • Randomly generated number connects server and smartphone
  • No connection between download ID and app use

Radius up to 250m

  • Showing distances

  • See people moving
  • GPS radius 3 to 250m
  • Zoom function

  • Not Bluetooth-based

Let’s build a worldwide community.

Everyone who joins us by using Corona Radar helps all others.

You can download und use the app free of charge. But please do consider making a voluntary payment – in any amount you choose – to support Corona Radar. Every contribution helps to develop the app further, grow the community and increase everyone’s safety.

We use a trusted third-party payment provider and do not get access to or store your personal data.

Neither a payment nor your name can be linked in any way to your usage of Corona Radar. Our app is and will always be 100% anonymous.

Our Freedom
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  • You help to keep the app running
  • You support the continued development of the app

Take Responsibility

From 25EUR
  • Show us your support and pay by credit card
  • You help to keep the app running
  • You support the continued development of the app
  • You recognize the importance of the cause and want to be part of the solution

Become A Supporter

  • You want to provide special support to our community solution
  • With your contribution, you actively promote the globale use of the app
  • You strengthen our international community and may choose to be included in our public Honor Roll of Supporters

Corona Radar is our best chance to take our freedom
into our own hands and stop living in fear!

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